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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] clothing if toxic unsafe, harm no less poisonous food. For this purpose, the relevant departments have also updated the mandatory national standard GB 18401-2010 "National Safety Technical Code for Textile Products", all clothing must be strictly adhered to. However, despite setting a new national standard two-year transitional period, and has been implemented for three years, but there are still a lot of clothing brand has been destroyed and is still in use older GB, is still in Jinan related apparel sales. Nike in 2003 according to the old standard is still in the production of clothing sales people reflect buy abolish the three-year national standard sweater Jinan spring turns warm again, the public Ms. Wang took out to buy the sweater to put on some time ago, who knows the emergence of skin redness, rash and other phenomena, husband suspected sweaters problem. "No way, I bought the clothes are at the mall or the regular stores, the quality should be reliable." Ms. Wang said, this sweater is in a complex in the west of Jinan store purchases. Wang husband found signs have been torn sweater, stumbled on the implementation of product safety standards "GB 18401-2003 Class B": "This standard has executed more than a decade, it can keep pace with the times ? "Out of curiosity, he went to the Internet search, he found that the standard has been" replaced by GB 18401-2010 ". Public information display, the new national standard for clothing higher safety requirements, especially infant clothing, school-age range from 2 years to 3 years of age to expand, increase the size suitable height from 80 cm to 100 cm, must meet the most stringent of a class Safety requirements, should appear "baby products" on the label, the words "a class", "GB 18401-2010" and so on. At the same time, direct contact with the skin clothing sho buy cheap jordans online uld comply with Class B product technical requirements, non-direct contact with skin clothing products shall comply with the requirements of C, and must be marked on the plate. The new national standard published in 2010, set up a year of transition period, originally scheduled for implementation in 2011, but the industry is reflected in the clothing business, the transition period is too short, incomplete digestion inventory, and then changed in 2012. Market Research H & amp; M Baby equipment identifies people do not understand According to national requirements, after "GB 184012010" implementation does not meet the standards of textile and apparel products, prohibit the production, sale and import. Up to now, the new national standard has been a two-year transitional period, the formal implementation has been 3 years, 5 years, followed the 2003 version of the old is still the subject of product sales in Jinan, and Ms. Wang's experience is not alone. reporters on the 4th floor QuanCheng Parkway Outlets see that many well-known sports brand clothing at low sales, which in Nike sales area with a row of thin cotton men, says the implementation of standards on the plate "GB 18401- 2003 "rather than the 2010 version of the standard. Sales staff said that these are genuine Potter, certainly are in line with national standards, as to meet the criteria which is not clear. In Quanchenglu a large commercial complex of H & amp; M clothing infant clothing sales area, clothing label in the "performance standards" column are printed almost "GB 18401" character, instead of "GB 18401-2010" . Reporters asked the standard 2003 version or the 2010 version, the sales staff prevarication say. Some experts believe that this year does not indicate the national standard practice itself is a problem, because in 2003 the old national standard "GB 184012003" also starts with "GB 18401" to, and therefore c air jordan 11 space jam for sale an not determine whether its implementation of the new national standard, or Old GB. Indeed reporter interviewed found, Adidas, Nike and other brands of some of the clothing in the implementation of standards also write a column just "GB 18401". Consumption Situation Look at the material some people do not know ABC reporter visited more businesses are large stores that identifies non-standard issue Shangju lot, as the streets of small boutiques and infant children's clothing store, the problem is more. For example, in a clothing store along Jiefang Road, a knit shirt marked for 2-4 years, also marked "baby products" and "a class" words; but according to a new national standard, 3-year-old is a cut-off point, 23-year-old can mark a class, 3 years old only standard class B or class C. Reporters interviewed a number of consumers to buy clothing when asked what the most valued, most people answer first, style, followed by the material, as the label standard safety category, a category, Class B or Class C, respectively, for how to wear, they Few people care about. "Now a lot of people are concerned about food safety, little concern for safety clothing, not knowing toxic harmful to human health as much clothing toxic food." Jinan, a garment manufacturer quality manager Zhang said, clothing the entire production process the opportunity contaminated lot, such as cotton, hemp and other raw materials, pesticide residues in the planting process in cotton, hemp fiber among; textile raw materials in storage, to be used as preservatives, mildew, moth agent, such chemical residues on clothing, cause skin irritation, respiratory disease syndrome ...... clothing close to or near the human body, must be careful when purchasing, for which the country was divided into a type of safety clothing, Class B, Class C to facilitate the purchase. Related Links How to buy "green clothing" 1. In general, light- jordans on sale mens colored clothing is more environmentally friendly than dark. Because light-colored clothing fabric is less pollution in the production process opportunities, especially next to the skin underwear. From a health perspective, we should choose light-colored. 2. You can choose to buy clothing when no liner. Suits, etc. must be lined products, choose no sticky lining technology products. Because the need to use glue stick lining, and glue usually contain formaldehyde and other solvents. 3. Many people prefer to buy clothing trade, but at the time of purchase to be careful not to buy because of environmental reasons returned products. 4. through the green certification of clothing hanging disposable laser holograms, can be irradiated with a laser pointer at any angle you can see 10 rings. 5. When buying clothes might smell, moldy smell, the smell of kerosene mostly fish smell, the smell of benzene and other clothing smell excessive levels of formaldehyde can not be purchased. 6. Try not to buy clothes iron. Especially formaldehyde allergy, but you can not wear permanent press clothing. 7. bought back iron clothes, do not hang up immediately into the closet, it is best to be thoroughly rinsed with water and then wear clothing in order to reduce the formaldehyde content. After 8. wear new clothing, such as itchy skin, contact dermatitis and other skin allergies, or emotional disturbances, poor diet, continuous cough and other symptoms, to consider whether the clothing caused discomfort to the hospital as soon as possible treatment. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Seasons Bear shoes Luoman Qi shoes.)Yesterday the Cleveland knights in James led to a 115-100 win over the Milwaukee bucks, and bring them good luck retro shirt has become the focus of the audience at the same time, LeBron James and Nike Zoom mustache on the foot o cheap foamposites f LeBron 2 Hardwood Classic has become the topic of relish. In early January 19, 2005 LeBron against the Portland Trail Blazers achievement occupation career first and then in three, is this retro color. Yesterday's comeback makes the shoe fans again recalled, as if returned to 11 years ago. Bron-HWC-1.jpg (542.21 KB, download number: 16) download Nike Zoom LeBron 2 Hardwood Classic 2015-11-22 15:53 upload lebron-james-nike-lebron-2-triple-double-2.jpg (149.24 KB, download number: 10) download Nike Zoom LeBron 2 Hardwood Classic 2015-11-22 15:50 upload 10_19-Bron-Triple-Double.jpg (124.04 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Zoom LeBron 2 Hardwood Classic 2015-11-22 15:50 upload Bron-HWC.jpg (737.65 KB, download number: 7) download Nike Zoom LeBron 2 Hardwood Classic 2015-11-22 15:53 upload James, Classic, Milwaukee, Cleveland, occupation career 00Ultra Boost and Boost Uncaged fresh Ultra Adidas made distinctions won in battle, but the brand new shoes Pure Boost Yuezhanyueyong re released Raw. This with the Pure Boost ZG blueprint for the design, will be a variety of materials and knitting and chloroprene rubber blend, and equipped with signs Boost cushioning technology boast the world debut. adidas-new-modell.jpg (234.06 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Pure Boost Raw 2016-7-30 18:01 upload pureboost-raw-adidas.jpg (128.22 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Pure Boost Raw 2016-7-30 18:01 upload wear-boost.jpg (174.65 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Pure Boost Raw 2016-7-30 18:01 upload wear-adidas-pureboost-raw.jpg (208.8 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Pure Boost Raw 2016-7-30 18:01 upload boost-innensohle.jpg (292.86 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Pure Boost Raw 2016-7-30 18:01 upload pureboost.jpg (191.92 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Pure Boost Raw 2016-7-30 18:01 upload adidas-sneaker.jpg jordan 3 katrina 2018 (229.17 KB, download number: 0) downloadIn order to meet the spring and lively atmosphere, sports brand ASICS recently for its signature Lyte release III this pair of shoes Gel new color. On the basis of the classic profile, using high quality leather with breathable mesh fabric to form a shoe body, and through the colorful combination of white and blue, blue, green and orange to create eye-catching visual sense. At present, the new ASICS Gel Lyte dual color III shoes has by Feature Sneaker Boutique purchased, priced at $100. asics-gel-lyte-iii-white-astro-1.jpg (104 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-12 16:37 ASICS Gel, Lyte upload, III, 00nike-sf-af1-desert-camo-on-feet-6.jpg (255.56 KB, download number: 6) download Nike SF-AF1 Desert Camo on foot show 2017-2-16 08:22 uploadPlay Cloths x Saucony gold silver angle "Precious Metals" the new tours 2013-12-08 22:57:22 shortly before the brand sports shoes Saucony popular trend of people to work successfully; Pharrell Williams in charge of the street brand Play Cloths, using Shadow 5000 as the design blueprint, launched a new "Precious Metals" shoes suit. The design is a gold and a silver impressive, strong metal texture. Favorite friends can log on the famous shopping website Oneness to see the details of the purchase. Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM bull color is now on sale at 2015-10-06 16:32:55 mere mention of red color, we think the bull can't help elements, yes this is the wisdom of Nike, originally a simple color, add flavor and classic story, let us not forget for a long time. The day before the color element again be applied to the top of the Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM, in order to cope with the winter and specially adapted it, the classic elements of color collocation, does give us another breath. It is reported that the shoes have been officially released, interested friends may pay attention to it. Nike Kobe 9 KR Retro jordans for sale M EXT will be launched at the end of 'Black Mamba' color, overall this can be said to be the genuine goods at a fair price Black Mamba snake scales, with the body of the shoe is reminiscent of the Nike Zoom Kobe 6, and then with mirror design to increase the shoes of the avant-garde sense, the annual finale for Kobe series this pair of shoes, will be the most close to the spokesman of the inspiration to show. tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o5_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o5_500 tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o4_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o4_500 tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o3_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o3_500 tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o2_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o2_500 news source: rockcitykicks believes that for the continued interest in NBA prospecting shoe that they are known as the 2014 draft annual draft will be how much anticipated, the young players in college basketball back at the same time, many of the poor performance of the team can not conceal their ambition, the most willing to cripple only in order to get the future ten years to build the core team. In this group of players, in addition to the Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker of the two most frequently mentioned name, one from Australia PG Danté Exum, although no NCAA events after the baptism, still regarded as occupying a seat firmly in the draft lottery, not only the fans to see him have the strength, the brand side is pre emptive, released in the first day before us news also revealed that the adidas has to sign him, make him become the first brand shoes have the same ladder contract player. After became a member of Adidas Basketball family, he went to the United States Oregon Adidas headquarters, where in addition to a series of publicity preparations, Adidas professional R & D department also let Exum enjoy the top players of the high standard of courtesy, let him eye-opening from australia. In fact, the Australian boy's origin jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black s are not small. Exum's father, Cecil Exum, is one of the members of NCAA's North Carolina University, who won in 1982, and his teammates include Michael, Jordan and James Worthy. And Exum's father, after graduating from college, although he also participated in the NBA draft, but decided to go to Australia in 1986 to develop his career, and in Australia to marry his wife, is also the birth of the birth of a small place. Follow the footsteps of his father, Exum, with its excellent innate talent into the Australian Institute of sport education, and is looking forward to become like Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills outstanding alumni, generally go to the basketball hall of the highest competition, but also to discover the potential of infinite Adidas star. In an exclusive interview with Exum and , Solecollector talked about personal anecdotes and opinions about the brand Adidas, which made people aware of how much the neighborhood boy was jumping at Tone. Although the mention of their usual preference simple in style, but love designer Jeremy Scott works; nearly two feet tall, the love of leisure activities was table tennis (also played well). Personality has full of amiable and easy of approach of ornamental style, reminiscent of Adidas's signature star, but also the Exum idol - wind rose Derrick Rose. Believe in the near future although Nike Hyperdunk 2014 just listed, but has always been famous for its outstanding performance, this series does not seem to stop the pace of evolution. Nike announced the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Low in the whole shoes today, the line is more nimble, low shoes let the overall flexibility improve again. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Low first in the NIKEiD shelves, but other channels have not listed on the news, interested friends may as well try to create their own iD bar, source: SNEAKER NEWS may be a new inspiration in the eyes of the designer of any simple things to the car Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , airplane, boat shape; small flowers and trees to the side. This Nike SB Dunk High Premium by using the concept of "kraft paper bag", if you walk in the street, look right and left at may see with kraft paper bags with breakfast or daily necessities, because it is so common, it is applied to the design inspiration shoes are particularly outstanding instead. A little kraft paper bags the most distinctive is very easy because applied causing uneven crease in the paper on the outside, this pair of shoes is almost imitation kraft paper bag texture in this aspect, wearing shoes in more or less will cause the crease, but Xiaobian think this pair of shoes start full of wrinkles, may in a later can not come out, or who will make the double fold "kraft paper bag" more flavor. As for the paper bag, the Bounce shoe culture also provides more insights from foreign cultures. Nike SB Dunk series of shoes have been in the upper use many special creative inspiration, whether it is the snake, crocodile and even introduced before the glass art style have appeared, and the sole configuration of Zoom air cushion, in such conditions, many of the pursuit of appearance and comfortable shoe prospecting, is a good choice, now this pair of shoes have been sold abroad. source: EU kicksadidas Harden Vol. 1 is not just as a professional use of basketball shoes, but also be given a field with daily life style, early in the design and development of James Harden and Adidas have been put forward this request, it can be seen as' Cargo 'and' Gila Monster 'and other eye-catching with street work the color came into being, the double "Grayvy" and the forthcoming recently is a more introverted low-key feeling, bring a kind of quiet atmosphere. , " It's, a, different, level, here.", right, #HardenVol1, Grayvy, drops, tomorrow., ? A, post, shared, by, Adidas, Basketball (@adidashoops), on, Feb 28, 2017, at, 10:02am, PST jordans on sale online "It" s a different level right here.We tried to find a shoe that would give me that swag.That s how the gray was created ", it all flows.You look good, you play good." for this pair of new color, James Harden is so said, perhaps soon have the opportunity to see the beard on the sidelines for us demonstration with it. Harden Vol. grey yarn 1 "Grayvy" shoe body staggered to create detailed shades of stone like appearance as the collocation foil on translucent outsole, do not have that kind of fighting spirit on the pitch fierce confrontation, is more leisure and cozy feeling. The United States is scheduled for March 1st listing, price of US $140 in Taiwan, if the current message will share in the station listing report. source: adidas / Sneaker NewsThe world's top player Cristiano Ronaldo gives the fastest boots inspired by Nike history continues to be famous for its history of soccer shoes, and the new generation of Mercurial soccer shoes introduced by the Nike is a perfect match for the speed requirements of today's soccer games. Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid by the unveiling of the new Mercurial Superfly football shoes, after four years of development research laboratory Nike movement, its design insights on the speed of the driving source for the world's fastest players, it was born in order to change football speed. Mercurial was first introduced in 1998, and the original Mercurial represents an unprecedented and advanced design that laid the foundation for Nike's position as an innovation leader in the football industry. Nike heavy launch of the new Mercurial Superfly is not only an advanced football boots, but also on the football field, the definition of speed leap again. 2014 Mercurial Superfly with a new design innovation in football shoes performance has been the rapid leap, and can help the players to reach new heights, "Nike president and chief executive Mark Parker said: t cheap air jordans he meeting in madrid. "Mercurial Superfly the outline design bold new, used and benefited from the Nike of Flyknit technology, it will become the preferred type of game player speed boots." is innovative for players Mercurial sneakers have become synonymous with speed when they come out. Mercurial Superfly who is always one step ahead of the competition and took the lead in the game players and design. It helps release the player's potential and helps the player seize the moment to open up the game. , "innovation for the best player in the game is the soul of Nike and our foundation," said Nike brand President Trevor Edwards at the conference. "As the players are getting faster and stronger, we are constantly challenging ourselves and trying to keep improving, because the value of sports is moving on, and so does the Nike brand." "as the Brazil Football Festival draws near, today is the peak of our journey," added Trevor Edwards. "It's an innovative journey, and the passion for soccer is our motivation.". The players are the inspiration for our design, and I, like them, go all out and have no reservations about the world cup. Because when the eyes of the world focus on you, you must come up with the bestadidas Chicago bulls star Derrick Rose hometown of Chicago, the area code is 773, and the name of the Adidas to create a sub series for him, Rose means to carry home look, regardless of when in the course of striving for the highest honor! The latest Rose 773 Light color matching with the Bulls Jersey classic black and red building, and the use of SPRINT WEB and SPRINT FRAME, so that the shoes have excellent coating and stability, the previous Rose comeback is the Bulls play or Butler players are wearing this, small actual set after the impression is most profound the ankle covered quite comfortable, and the performance of NT$3690 such pricing is quite affordable, Taiwan has been listed, you are looking for prospecting shoe boots may be included in one of the options. Jordan Brand is expected to launch next spring shoes, contains three different themes, including "Alternate" series of expression for Jordan was not intended to put on standby PE shoes, so the use of color is not difficult to find there has a classic color shadow. 1989 is the birth of the Air Jordan 4, so the inner heel section with related words echoed the year, imagine by such a simple neat red and white as the main presentation style, if collocation bulls home court No. 23 master game run, that is how pleasant a figure ah. source: jordansdaily.comSUZUKI is to build the New York men's clothing brand? Engineered Garments from years ago, and Vans Vault Engineered Garments conducted a joint branch, their best tooling style into Vans Vault shoes which created to turn fur and leather logo design style of asymmetric sense, give people a strong visual experience, this summer again, the two sides signed a cooperation, launched OG Sk8-Hi LX shoes series, which released three different color shoes. is so familiar with asymmetric design style, Engineered Garments canvas, suede and leather shoes in the body of collocation, this year mainly to laces eye piece and side change form asymmetry, so all black and blue two color looks very similar, but Engineered? Garments also brought a double contrast more obvious brown shoes. Like the other two, and black leather outsole and it is based on. Engineered Garments x Vans Vault OG Sk8 Hi LX signed a blue and brown color series currently has in the Japanese Nepenthes store on sale, and other two kinds of color will be black, on July 29th (Friday) to visit the United States Nepenthes shop, August 1 daily purchases will be officially opened. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (74) share to micro-blog [ ] shoes net accessories; Sophia Webster Wizard (Sophia · Webster) released spring 2015 shoes series, designers and has always maintained a symbol of taste sweet, vibrant passion at a glance, a variety of novel design dizzying. The heels of various styles make people shine, and the colorful elements add a sense of humor to the heels. (shoes net Lyra editor)2015 is very good shoes for years, earlier introduced you to Air Jordan 5 days before the release of the "silver" again a series of high-definition photos and on foot, shoes with high quality leather is the whole building, the details decorated with silver, retro flavor. Although it has been 15 years since the last sale, it was still so delicious when it reappeared in front of everyone. The shoes will be on sale in April 4, 2015 with a price of about $190. Do not miss friends who are interested in it. if you have friends, tide different views on this, or do you think he is of the opinion leaders in the field of new in order to be different, we may wish to tide to view your community; knock! Refuse to debate! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! another way? Supreme's Secret History of small things even street beat the great God, Tommy, Tom are used in the repair software, in the end strong where? on flight cancellations of the 10 applications small Tips loading force essential /5 minutes let you know in recent years the history of the development of # buggies can take dnunbing # The story of Eminem and /what's, Nike, up, YO, Eminem and Nike, is a little pit! The Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight suite is now on sale at Air Jordan 6 Low, 2015 comments on : "a little pit."! The Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight suite is now on sale for the next one: Air Jordan 6, Low, 2015 UNDEFEATED and Nike Sportswear launched a joint LA theme Huarache shoes, this weekend officially released. Recently, the brand launched a new edition of "Crenshaw", to show this pair of shoes joint. Special Edition by Jorge Peniche palm mirror shot, and invited the rap star Nipsey Hussle as a model appearance. The new edition, Huarache, and the limited tee and T-shirts with the "Crenshaw" will be officially launched on July 16th at UNDEFEATED La Brea pop-up store. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok released J. J. Watt, the first two signature style shoes, Wale x VILLA x ASICS Tiger joint GEL-Lyte III IC Champion shoes comments on last article: Reebok released J. J. Watt, the first pair signature style shoes next article: Wale x VILLA x ASICS Tiger joint GEL-Lyte III "IC Champion" shoes& Nbsp; & nbsp; WASHINGTON Recently, Reebok launched the latest improved version of a Pump2.0 PumpRomulus sneakers, and its pressure control is having an adjustable resistance. & nbsp; PumpRomulus intelligent valve has adjustable settings 7 files. Raise intelligent valve will give more support foot when the foot needs to relax, put the smart valve to low. Adjustable intelligent valve can meet the special needs of the wearer at any time, truly customized comfort affixed to the foot. It is reported that this shoe has been in the domestic market, the price of 1399 yuan.

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