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Hydrogen runs, you can see from the name, is that these shoes are light weight.
evaluation -- MAX: graphic designers love marathon, cross-country running, #MAX running # report.

hydrogen run, from the name you can see that the shoes are light weight. Because hydrogen is the lightest substance in the known elements, Anta gave them the name "hydrogen". After the start, I also felt the characteristic. The shoes were very light, 41 yards and 181 grams. They are lighter shoes in running shoes. Overall design, shoes type ratio coordination, shoe woven materials pay attention to, and the bottom of the new design, details polished very in place.


this pair of shoes is still used to weave a piece of popular, is light and thin, fit the foot. With different weaving techniques, a large mesh is designed to ensure the air permeability of the shoes. The mesh size is moderate and harmonious. The upper joint at the upper beta, this design is advanced, the advantages is to avoid the suture in the heel, because the heel is relatively easy to wear parts, so this design can improve the comfort of the heel. The position of the suture is the point where the feet are not so easy to grind, so the design Anta is really attentive. The design may seem simple, but in practice, the entire monolithic shoe shape will change, and the program needs to be redesigned, so the design is not as easy as it looks.


uses a single layer of Engineering mesh material, and the overall use of shoes is very harmonious. It's soft and feels comfortable. Because the tongue design is fit, even using the traditional way of fixing shoelace tongue, the tongue is still not easy sideways. The laces have a flat design that reduces the possibility of running loose.

shoes collar
is made of one-piece woven threads, with large openings and easy wear and tear. There is a TPU heel stable design heel, the abrasive tool suitable for human engineering, very comfortable, but also can very good reduce fixed heel, running in heels with foot shaking. At the same time, the external texture of the TPU is also designed to be very attentive. The left and right feet have a calligraphy, "imperial" and "wind"".

midsole + outsole

this pair of shoes is used at the end of Sino foreign integration design, this is the basic design of the shoes for lightweight pursuit, his advantage is the integration of the EVA molding die, reduce the application of rubber outsole, in order to reduce the weight of your shoes parts, reduce the energy of swing of leg running. The shape of the midsole is beautiful. The whole texture is a bit like the ripple of water ripples. This sense of relief makes people look comfortable. The midsole EVA formula is well adjusted and the shock and feedback forces are good. It feels brisk to run.
Although the outsole of
is an extension of the midsole, the texture design of the outsole is >

today's online exposure of an unreleased Nike Air Griffey Max 360 color products, shoes with black mesh material and atomic red embellishment, highlight the theme of the " shoes; Safari" cold gray cover on the toe part of atomic swing red logo and 360 degree air window is not to be missed details. New products are not available yet. Please feel free to follow our follow-up reports.

This gown is designed by you! TNF100 pick up the anniversary Tee to recruit ideas.
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Ten Year 's Anniversary

1/10's life, what can it be used to do?

people to learn from his language in high and vigorous spirits;

someone is wearing a running shoe to challenge the horse;

and people have brought long distance cross-country runs to China.

2009, The North Face 100? The cross-country series landed in Beijing, China. Challenge 100 kilometers, brought no small shock to the then small laps.

's TNF100 now has become the most influential cross-country race in mainland China, and the most competitive cross-country race. It is using its appeal to inject new vitality into cross-country running culture.

nine years, TNF100 development in Chinese?, is Chinese cross-country history an important, witnessed Chinese cross-country growth, also witnessed countless runners life first cross-country -- millions of people from TNF100? Under the arches of the first set foot on their cross-country field.

2018, TNF100? Will usher in the anniversary of its landing on the mainland of China,

said ten years of a dream, such as
remember the beginning of your running? We didn't forget

we want to invite you

the dream made all the shirt

go ahead!

what you want to say to TNF100? The picture in your mind,

is designed as a Tee that condenses emotions and feelings.

this will be TNF100? The best anniversary birthday gift,

is also a great affirmation of your own cross-country career.


's work requires

1, the entries are selected according to the 1 Tee design drawings;

2, participants must be individuals; not subject to gender, age, and seasonal restrictions;

3, the work must appear "TNF100? Logo & pick up or 10 or ten", any font can be;

4, please go to download, use TNF? & TNF100? Standard LOGO, otherwise,

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