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Anta Zheng Jie
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May 10th is the "brand day" established by the State Council's approval. The establishment of brand day is actually a great push to upgrade consumption and strong support for national brands, and it is to encourage more Chinese enterprises to focus on brand building and carry forward manufacturing in China. As a brand leader of China sporting goods industry, Anta is pursuing innovation and signing famous athletes at home and abroad. Its brand reputation and popularity have been further strengthened and promoted. Chinese brand day, Anta President Zheng Jie accepted the sina sports interview, telling the story of the Anta brand.

sina sports: Anta, as the leader of the Chinese sporting goods industry brand, how to look at the national brand day such a move?

Zheng Jie: as China's economic development, the rapid increase in household income, middle-income groups continue to expand, escalating consumption structure, consumer spending on goods and services put forward higher requirements, pay more attention to the quality, pay attention to the brand consumption, showing a personalized, diversified, and high-end consumer experience type. The establishment of "brand day" helps to give full play to the leading role of excellent brands, to meet the consumer's constantly upgraded consumer demand and the continuous pursuit of quality of life.

Anta, as the brand leader of the sporting goods industry, has a mission to "integrate the transcendental sportsmanship into everyone's life". We hope to promote the development of Chinese sports by promoting the construction of our own brand, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of sports.

Anta, together with all the excellent Chinese brands, will lead consumption, create new demand, establish independent brand consumer confidence, tap the potential of consumption, better play the role of consumption demand on economic growth, and meet people's higher level of material and cultural needs.

sina sports: what is the most impressive memory you have ever remembered since the founding of the Anta brand? What are the most important factors to build a brand?

Zheng Jie: Anta brand has been established, there are many unforgettable memories, which is the most impressive in January 23rd this year, the general secretary Xi Jinping to Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province of the Beijing Winter Olympics preparations and important instructions, dressed in Anta winter coat. When users send video, a refresh time. This is the love of the general secretary to the national sports brand, and is also a great love and encouragement to the domestic brands made in China.
Xi Jinping snow field care for "ice and snow youth" (source: People's daily)
in Anta's view, the most important elements of brand building these are the following: first, product innovation, innovation ability determines a company can go far, Chinese sports brand needs to be innovative gene into brand building, constantly innovation ability into power brand development; secondly, adhere to high quality products, along with the social economy the development, more and more consumers in addition to price for the product quality requirements are increasingly high. As a leading domestic sporting goods company,

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