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After the last weekend's exposure,
was released by Riccardo Tisci and NikeLab the all-new Air Max 97 Mid was released at last. According to reports, Sneaker News this pair of shoes will be signed in March 17th the first sale in Rome, then on the 24 day, and 26 day landing in Asia and Europe major designated shops, but the current price is still to be announced.
The former art director Givenchy
this time again their unique aesthetic and Nike classic shoes with Air Max 97 extended tube contour, with full leather shoes to build body, through the white car line to outline its signature wavy type, and then into the golden details. In addition, the "Nike x R.T" Logo can be seen on the side of the shoe cylinder, while the white air cushion can be retained, which is a very cool pair of shoes!

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more than one doctor said, "the joints are also to be used." In that case, can we be able to run? Will the knee be damaged by running and become a "running knee"? In fact, there is no "running knee" concept at all in medicine. Knee injury, most of the sprain, such as football, basketball in the turn, change direction and other violent movements, causing knee injury. And the route of running is straight. As long as the quantity is right, the chance of injury is small.

people use the "kneecap" during running to protect their knees, which, in turn, deprives the muscles of exercise. Because of a knee surrounding the stock four muscles, tendons and ligaments in the knee joint activities, undertake to maintain knee stability in the role and the "knee" will replace this part of muscle function, if things go on like this, the stock four muscles, tendons and ligaments will be due to the lack of external stimulus will gradually degenerate. Therefore, only use the kneecap in the exercise with the greatest strength of the knee, and then take it down as soon as possible.

knee age test:

1, single leg squat: single leg standing, squat, knee joint into 90 If the knee is not 90, or the knee is 90, the pain or instability before the knee shows the degeneration and wear of the knee cartilage.

two, 30 seconds: sit up sit at a height of about 43 cm on the bench, with the fastest speed to stand up, sit down again, 30 seconds to do many times. This action is to measure the function of the knee joint; two is the function of the heart and lung.

knee maintenance:

, a leg movement: lying in bed, relax your legs. First lift the left leg, hook up the feet, legs stretched out, stick to 3~4 seconds, put down. Then the right leg is lifted, the feet are hooked up, and the legs are stretched out. The left and right legs are done 1 times, do 10~15 times.

two, leg movement: sitting in a chair, one leg of natural ground, the other leg slowly lifted, the formation of 90, and the body; in the air for 1 minutes, then the natural ground, change another leg up. This action can well exercise the four - head muscle of the femoral head, maintain the elasticity of the knee joint, promote the metabolism, and effectively protect the knee joint. (Beijing morning newspaper)

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