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2011 autumn winter A Bathing Ape*Nubuck BAPE STA shoes Michelle Yeoh, who has been young for years, teaches that running is the best way to reduce the age of fitness.

yesterday, the movie "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon: green sword" crew held a press conference in Guangzhou, starring one of Michelle Yeoh wearing a bright yellow skirt, put the palm and fist merry Guangdong media happy new year. Years of youth did not change the Michelle Yeoh imparting fitness experience: walking, running, is the best way of fitness reduction.

"I hope myself and the role of an hand in a velvet glove,"

Michelle Yeoh also said that the film his character Yu Xiulian is a heavy Shigeyoshi an hand in a velvet glove, Chinese traditional women, "although in love with Li Mubai, but because he was betrothed to Meng Sizhao, has always insisted on taking into account the friendship two." She said, I also hope their role and do an hand in a velvet glove.

media asked her boyfriend to marry him already, what time do you set a date for the wedding." In response to this, Michelle Yeoh responded happily: "I know people are very concerned about this problem, but recently I have given all the time to the film. Of course, both of us are thinking about this problem, and there will be a definite time to inform everyone. "

"16 years ago, Zhang Ziyi and I were playing rivals, and now I'm looking for a younger
speaks of the beauty of the martial arts in the film, and everyone is unforgettable of the act of Michelle Yeoh's disciple, Liu Chengyu, with his peach blossoms. Michelle Yeoh said, "this time my apprentice's Liu Chengyu is only 19 years old, a very diligent, lovely girl." She sighed, "16 years ago, we found a Zhang Ziyi and me playing partners. At that time, she was very young and beautiful. Now she has found a younger one for me. I really think highly of." But Michelle Yeoh praised Liu Chengyu's "thinking, willing to work hard, especially to seize opportunities".

also, she also reminded the audience, "the beauty of Chinese Kung Fu cares." Michelle Yeoh said, "the picture of peach blossom branch wearing copper coin eye" is specially designed by Yuen Wo Ping. "When I first heard this idea, I was all startled and I didn't think it was possible. But do it with heart and do it only 5 times.

"don't think 20 years old is better than 50 years old,"
are directed by Ang Lee "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon shooting" has been 16 years, but the scene to see Michelle Yeoh's appearance, and even many years ago has little difference, spirit, status, size, and other aspects of the skin is very well maintained. "I don't work hard at all," she said. Michelle Yeoh said the new film was taken in New Zealand. "It won't be hard at all, because the local environment is very comfortable and there's no pressure to work." Yuen Wo Ping directs the martial arts film, everyone is completely relieved. " Michelle Yeoh laughed and said, "this time, Yuen Wo Ping and I didn't have time to rub the mahjong. As a result, when he was a director, he was more responsible, even talking about the film. "

talked about keeping it so well, she stressed: "pay attention to exercise, running and walking must stick to it. If >

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