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One of the styles of
Air Jordan 13 as the AJ series is popular with girls, GS styles offer more and more, after earlier launched a variety of fine color, this is the 13 GS Jordan Air in Wolf Grey".
The overall shape of
with simple refreshing cool gray dress tone with high quality leather and shoes, with the classic green cat tail, white collocation in the bottom end. To create a vibrant performance is exquisite, presumably on foot must be good!
It is reported that
in August 26th will be officially on sale, priced at $$140, interested in the woman that might pay more attention!

Air Jordan 13 GS "Wolf Grey
number: 439358-018

release date: August 26th

sale price: $$140

Lining professional running shoes series: double crossing, strong evaluation Chun, bremen. Lining professional running shoes Evaluation Series Two: strong Jun protection first.

the ancients said, "if a worker wants to do something good, he must benefit from it.". In the running on the road to go farther and healthier, the choice of running equipment, you must be careful, scientific. The enemy, baizhanbudai, the famous war also can be applied to the running equipment choice, familiar with their own situation, to understand the scope of the equipment, and finally to choose. Figure
running from left to right, double crossing, strong Chun bremen.
this summer, following the launch of Lining shoes after the 11 generation of ultra light running attack again, double crossing, Chun, three strong Yunma running shoes. Like the three carriage drive struck, the real needs to meet the different runners. This period enters Sina running test room, it is Lining stable kind of running shoes, fierce Jun. One of the problems is the common problem of running gait, running shoes, many runners in the outer soles especially the lateral heel will wear badly, the runner, gait problems followed by valgus, strong shoes is designed for chun.

Lie Jun introduces
The core features of
"lie Chun" lies in its excellent stability and control performance, in the end the use of the DualLOC double arch medial density support design, can be enough to support so as to effectively control the eversion of the foot provides for the runners, at the same time in the bottom combination of multi density materials can also run for good transition. In addition, the shoes with multi-layer mesh fabric and leather material match the application of TPU eager material technology, and give the wearer the best stability support at every step.
A core function of
support protection is also strong, Chun "heel is made of Cushion material, provide enough damping protection for the runners; and in the palm is used PROBAR LOC high strength materials, provides support for the stability in the palm position; application of antiskid design inside flocking, enhanced ankle wrap, and to reduce the risk of sprain.

series evaluation:

Lining professional running shoes Evaluation Series 1: double cross support shock absorption

Lining: evaluation of professional running shoes series three
double crossing, strong flying distance, Chun Yunma products constitute the font motion matrix to hit.
1, static evaluation

1, overall appearance,
shoebox overall
shoebox overall: Lining's consistent packaging style, shoebox surface processing simple environmental protection, printed with red Lining logo. Yunma shoebox and double crossing the same size, the overall weight is also similar.
shoebox label.
shoebox label: this test is strong Chun stable class running shoes ARGJ001-1, the price is 549RMB. Jun Jun listed on May 1st.
out of the box photo.
out of the box: vamp color, bright green / black, fluorescent green, vibrant. Fierce Jun belongs to "big guy" in road running shoes, shape comparable basketball shoes. Color puzzle at the bottom >

Nike Air Trainer we had SC II High to be engraved, this brought the 2 year exposure of the Nike Air Trainer SC II color High picture, the two colors were asked the White / gray / red / grey and white / Grey / Blue / green color, this is the two crazy color, who did not think after 20 years will be engraved this year that Nike attaches great importance to color, there engraved shoes Nike Air Trainer SC II High. Model 456610-100 and 456610-140 we might see them soon.

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