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number: 384664-145

release date: October

The night runs.

in the evening in Chikan, even in the winter, you will see people running in twos and threes, in the neighborhood, the roadside, the park or even the business district. They are the growing "night runners".

"night race" refers to a group of people who want to exercise, but suffer from no time in the daytime. They often choose to run at night to relax and enhance their physique.

citizens walk or run at the Chikan stadium in the evening. 3 nights a week, Xiao Xu will be on time in the southern tropical garden of Chikan. Xiao Xu is 28 years old is a night run family member, his daily administrative work are overflowing, the day in the company now, almost no free time, even the rare weekend time, often have to spend in overtime. In this case, he began to choose to run at night when he was a young fan of sports. The habit was two years.

Xiao Xu said that the running time started at 8:30 pm, and lasted until 9:30. "This hour, the cumulative running distance is at least seven kilometers, which is more suitable for me." Xiao Xu said that the main reason why he chose to run in the evenings was that he could not get enough time during the day. Besides, at night, the urban parks were quiet, and the temperature was cool and suitable for physical exercise. "Running in the night, as if the air is fresh, so exercise is also a kind of enjoyment."

told reporters that in the community he lives in today, there are a lot of people involved in the night running, and sometimes people will go out to run. "Because of the same hobby, I know a lot of neighbors, and now all of us have become friends. It can be said that joining the night run together is also a way of harmonizing the neighborhood. "

fact, night run family has been a long period of time in Chikan, they are mostly concentrated in the southern tropical garden, zuiun Lake Park and Chikan stadium. In some local forum, reporters saw many night runners running around with each other and their recommended routes for night running, so many residents responded.

reporters see, for the start of the exercise, it is difficult to insist on running a short distance, some simply "half run and half run". However, with the engagement of "running flow", it can keep people from running longer. Some women exercise for a long time, can be done in one vigorous effort to run 5 km, they started running to lose weight and become of interest, do not run but uncomfortable. (Zhanjiang news network )

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