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now with the urban life quality improvement and the increase of leisure time, the fashion of women as women accounted for only 20% of the total wealth but occupies 80% of control group, has become the most striking commercial area in twenty-first Century. Some experts have put forward the concept of female consumer industry, and predict that China will enter the era of female consumer industry around 2013. At the same time, this has led to the development of a product chain closely related to women, such as women's clothing and women's shoes, which are bound to bring more profits to the business.

but women's shoes will also be the biggest and fastest growing segment of the women's consumer market, compared to women's wear. In the face of such a huge shoes market, many franchisees have to dig a pot of gold from the shoes market, but the network information and the line joining the overwhelming a superb collection of beautiful things advertising investment, but also let many franchisees flinch, like look for a needle in the ocean, where to start. How to choose a franchise brand, choose what brand, it has become a lot of shoes franchisee is extremely troubled.

throughout the current domestic shoes market, the brand is a rise above the common herd, for the franchisee to choose how to join the brand, veteran gives such a proposal, choose those who have the potential to join the brand. Because many brands in the region to join the brand basically reached the limit capacity but also to join the city is relatively small, while those who have not yet fully "bombing" market for high-end brand is often tremendous profit space. For example, Guangzhou Daphne shoes under the Anne brand is one of the most typical representative. Anne shoes by virtue of its sound business model and elite wealth joining system, has become many franchisees striving to grab the meat and potatoes.

of course, Anne shoes can from natural talent shows itself, also cannot do without the Gubiaodubu business strategy. Anne shoes after a detailed market investigation and careful study plan, began to re integration of product manufacturing, logistics, marketing, media and a series of high-quality resources, into the international advanced marketing idea, has established an excellent marketing team, committed to the construction of brand culture, terminal market development...... At the same time, logistics control headquarters Daphne shoes will also appoint a person responsible for the terminal stores the Follow-Up Services and various regions, satisfy the franchisees' needs, reduce the risk of franchisees, to join the brand profit into more powerful impetus.

as we all know, the product guarantee is also an important factor for franchisees to decide whether to join or not. After all, if the products are not over, then the business will be difficult to do after joining. Therefore, the choice of women's shoes products, the most important thing is to look at styles, styles, design, in time to keep up with international fashion trends, then the chances of turnover will be greatly increased. Obviously, at this level, Anne shoes are not blindly follow, but the first to predict and capture the latest fashion in the market, and carefully launched its own design "luxury"

Small Steamed Buns
slightly oval shape, not only graceful and lovely, more modified foot, wearing comfortable bag feet, fat feet, fleshy feet more comfortable to wear! Is the last Lewis Walt developed for Asian women! 2003 Lewis Walt brand team into the traditional footwear industry, and the shoe has a beautiful and famous seaside city Beach - Spain Alicante (Alicante province) a hundred years of shoes factory cooperation, dedicated to the design and development of quarterly European boutique shoes. Just a few years, through the traditional and fine shoe-making process, the understanding of the detailed understanding of leather, touch a piece of good leather such as butter like that made out of the shoes is really exquisite modern arts and crafts. Lewis Walt - last new spring and summer 2012

Lewis Walt - last new spring and summer 2012
full range of products to classic elegant ballet, round head shoes based, and YISHION manual customization completed. Classic round shoes always show a pure woman like elegant, exquisite and delicate hair woman feet detailed soft lines for more filling, round head, whether it is flat or wedge with high design, can also let the toes when wearing fully comfortable and relaxed. Nike day before the popularity of shoes SF-AF1 Mid brings a new color, and upgrade the material. After a change of leather and ballistic nylon mesh structure, material in the back-end spell in a large area with large pores, greatly improving the overall permeability, combined with the iconic ankle with a zipper belt, a system and Air Force classic 1 bottom show.

It is reported that this pair of
, adopts green and orange color of the new version will be landing in August 10th Nike the designated store.

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